Handcrafted Kantha Silk Sari

Within the context of Indian embroidery, the kantha is a living tradition. The foundation for kantha-making lies in the creative use of the simple running stitch that secures the layers of rags. The running stitch, both utilitarian and decorative, reinforces the fabric and creates lines, fields of colour and motifs. Various renderings of the stitch form the kantha's characteristic rippled effect. Stitches include the running, darning, loop, and stem and split stitches; the satin and chain stitches are used to create solid areas.

Handcrafted Kantha Silk Sari

Kantha quilting is first a domestic, utilitarian art intended for personal use. Whether as an ornate wedding quilt or a simple cover for daily use, the kantha remains one of the most illustrative quilts in India. Kantha takes a number of forms: as quilted bed covers; pillow covers, seats for guests, prayer mats or as padding in bride's palanquin.

The legendary Nakshi Kantha which is registered with the Geographical Indications (GI) registry, is the best example among the embroideries of Bengal. Nothing embodies the tradition of women's creativity better than this.

Biswa Bangla presents this exquisite stitch from Bengal in a wide range of textile and home furnishing products.