Rural Crafts Hub

Handicrafts of Bengal embody our rich heritage of aesthetics, creativity and artistry. The craft sector provides low cost, green livelihood opportunities to more than 550,000 men and women.

The sector represents economic lifeline of the vulnerable sections of the society, with women accounting for around 50% of the crafts persons and a significant number belonging to the scheduled castes, tribes and religious minorities. In today’s globalised world, the growing retail industry, fashion and luxury markets, demand for green production, potential for e-commerce have created new opportunities for developing a vibrant craft economy thereby providing increased income opportunities to the craft communities like the Patuas, potters, weavers, wood carvers, Dokra makers etc. Besides its high potential for employment, the craft sector is economically important from the point of low capital investment, high ratio of value addition, and high potential for export and foreign exchange earnings for the country. The Government of West Bengal thus aims to unleash the potential of the sector in terms of employment, enterprises, export and growth.