Dolls of Bengal

Dolls have been customarily crafted for religious purposes believed to possess spiritual, magical and ritual value. This is evident from discoveries made from excavations in the Sindhu Valley. Potter communities nestling around these excavation sites still make such dolls, and it can be safely assumed that these modern day fired clay dolls are the descendants of India's ancient terracotta art.

In addition to clay, artisans also create colourful dolls made of wood, metal, sponge wood, palm leaf, jute etc. Urbanisation has slowed down the pace of doll-making, but it has not been able to bring it to a halt. From Fair-grounds to modern showrooms, the year-round bustle is enough to warm the hearts of these artisans. Their meagre income might not be sufficient for sustenance, but these craftsmen hold up to the art out of sheer dedication and love.

Biswa Bangla brings you a unique collection of dolls, ranging from crude and rudimentary to elaborate art, from the different parts in Bengal.