Indigo Collection

The name Indigo originated from the Greek Indicon (a substance from India) points to the fact that the blue natural pigment was one of the largest exports from India between the 12th century to the 1800s. By 1815, Bengal was exporting annually over 3500 tons of Indigo (valued then at six shilling a pound).


Four fifth of world's Indigo supply came from hundreds of factories in Bengal and Indigo manufacturing became Bengal's largest private industry.

Dinabandhu Mitra's black humor play, NEELDARPAN, written in 1860 was the inspiration for the launch of Biswa Bangla's Indigo collection.

The collection recreates the beauty of Indigo that has been so popular for the last 600 years across the world and is today a household item in the form of blue denims.We have re-interpreted Indigo for Indian customers through the traditional Saree ,kurtas,home furnishing etc.