Balaposh is an exclusive shawl or quilt that was traditionally used by the Nawabs of Bengal. 

It is almost a lost art and the only practitioner of the craft is Sakhawat Hussain Khan of Murshidabad, West Bengal.

It is one of Bengal’s finest creations where the craftsman creates a soft quilt with a thin layer of attar-scented cotton between two silk layers. Nothing unusual about that except for the fact that these three layers are only stitched at the edges, yet the cottonwool inside doesn’t move or lump up. Typically, balaposh quilts have contrasting borders. The soft quilt is very comfortable to use, and the layer of attar spreads a soothing fragrance all around.

These lightweight, hand-crafted, exquisite creations originated during the time of Nawab Shuja-ud-din, son-in-law of Nawab Kuli Khan, the first Nawab of Bengal. Silk balaposh were also used by the Mughals.

Biswa Bangla has now joined hands with Sakhawat Hussain to revive this dying art of West Bengal. Sakhawat Hussain has won many State and district-level prizes for his expertise in balaposh. He was also awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Government of India in 1988.