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First Flush from Makaibari tea garden

Darjeeling Tea is admired worldwide for its muscatel flavour. Due to its unique flavour owing to its provenance in the Darjeeling Himalayas, it has been conferred on with Geographical Indication (GI).

The First flush tea leaves are plucked during March-April. The tea is admired for its mellow flavour and golden shade in cups.

Darjeeling, the undisputed Queen of hills is a heaven with lush green and snow-laden mountains that make a perfect stage for growing this legendary Tea, desired by connoisseurs around the world.

First Flush from Goodricke tea garden

First-flush teas from the Goodricke Group are in high demand and remain an exclusive and most sought-after Darjeeling Tea. The first Flush Tea, comprising a leaf and a bud, manufactured during peak March imparts unique and subtle sweet notes with a long-lasting taste. The liquor has a light golden yellow colour with luscious floral-fruity aroma. Goodricke's gardens are in sync with natureand apply forward thinking and eco-friendy production practices. The gardens comprise original chinary tea bushes as well as high quality exclusive clones. The elevation of the tea garden ranges from 3000ft to 6000ft above sea level.



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First Flush Tea

100g each



No added flavours



12 Months



8 cm


13 cm

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