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Bee Wax Candles

The forever busy little bees have given us nature’s greatest gift to mankind. They are known to provide us with the purest and most natural of all waxes (including vegetable waxes) with the least amount of processing and no additives.


  1. Not known to many, but bee wax candles can clean the air when they burn. This is because the candle when burnt releases negative ions that help purify the air by neutralizing the toxins.
  2. Since bee wax candles can clean the air and reduce the pollution indoors, they can effectively reduce asthma, acne, allergies, eczema to therapeutic assistance.
  3. Burn cleaner than others with no sticky, black petroleum based soot. It is non-toxic and without any chemicals making it fit for usage at homes with kids and old people.
  4. Bloom with a frosty appearance that tells you that it is 100% pure bee wax. Not only do they smell great but also burn brighter and last longer than the other candles.

It is also to be noted that around 30-35% of wax gets wasted during the purification process which makes it a very expensive process. Almost 8-10 hours are required for the entire purification process to be completed. 

This beautiful bee wax candle is 4cm in diameter, and weighs 54g.

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