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’Chhau’, which means fun and frolic, is a dance of the hardworking population of Purulia. The Chhau dance is performed during the festival of ’Chaitra Sankranti’. Earlier, the tales relating to the deities used to be the theme of the dance. Today, various social issues are part of the dance too. Chhau is a dance of the brave hearts, a dance of war, where the mask is an inseparable part. These world-famous masks are made by the artists from the Sutradhar community in Purulia district. The making of a mask goes through various stages. After the mud mould is dusted with fine ash powder, 8-10 layers of soft paper, immersed in diluted glue, are pasted one after another on the mould. The facial features are made with clay. These masks are styled on various mythological figures. Biswa Bangla offers a platform for these artisans to showcase their work.

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