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Description of product

Handwoven Yellow Silk Jamdani Saree

Fabric - Silk

Colour - Yellow

Type - Saree, Jamdani

Weaving Time - 120 to 160 days


About Jamdani

Vibrant colours, vivid patterns and rich motifs make Jamdani stand out among other handloom products. In the districts of Nadia and Bardhaman, about 1,000 skilled weavers and 2,000 ancillary artisans are engaged in traditionally weaving Jamdani on handlooms. Depending on the intricacy of design and motif, a weaver takes 3 months to almost a year to weave a jamdani saree. Migrating for alternate employment as construction worker, security guard etc. became more lucrative than this time-consuming, labour-intensive craft. But with Biswa Bangla’s market linkage, design innovation, and product diversification efforts, a substantial increase in the weavers’ income has prompted reverse migration. The brand has brought out Jamdani on silk, linen and cotton-silk blend fabrics, and in products like scarves, pocket squares, sarees and shawls.




  • Colour and Texture of the product may slightly vary than that in the photograph.
  • Dry Clean only.


  • May have slight irregularity which is characteristic of any hand-woven, hand-embroidered or hand-crafted product. Connoisseurs worldwide love handmade products, more because of these small variations in a regular pattern as that adds to the unique charm of these products which is missing in machine-made products.


  • Missing yarn, slobs and uneven yarn contrasts are general phenomena in hand-woven products. This is a natural outcome and inherent characteristic of the hand-weaving procedure which makes the products all the more unique and beautiful. 

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