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Incense Stick Sandal Fragrance 100 pcs

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The Chitpore Incense Stick

The rich cultural tapestry of the Chitpore Street and its many tributaries have a valuable contribution to the multi-layered heritage of Bengal. The social life is enmeshed with rare aromatic wonders and is just another facet of the prism that is Chitpore. It is home to the Tagores and the Nawabs of Chitpore and known as Kolkata's Attar Street since 1824.
Recognizing its historic perspective from the fragrance of time, Biswa Bangla is exploring the bouquet of royal offerings from this area. Biswa Bangla has reinstated this long-forgotten Chitpore legacy of Attar by re-branding and re-packaging them and has initiated a large-scale production of Surma, soaps, shampoos, and air fresheners by the erstwhile manufacturers. And global certification agencies have been associated with Biswa Bangla to ensure quality and hygiene.

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The Chitpore Incense Stick Sandal Fragrance - 100 pcs pack

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