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Description of product

Handmade Silk Dupatta with Batik work, a unique craft form of Bengal. Colourful earthy motifs. Complements a wide range of ethnic as well as contemporary attire.

Batik Print

Batik print encompasses a three-dimensional feature with depth and texture. Batik is a “resist” process for making designs on fabrics. Batik printed fabric is known for its longevity and is often passed down as family heirlooms.

Today, batik prints can be found on sarees, dupattas and wall hangings, dresses, bags, accessories and home furnishing. Biswa Bangla is creating contemporary designs in vibrant colours on batik with the young women of Birbhum work in as members of Self-Help Groups. An artisan takes around 2-4 days to create a batik saree.

Size - 24 inch by 12 inch (Length and Width respectively)




  • Colour and Texture of the product may slightly vary than that in the photograph.
  • Dry Clean only, Cold Wash recommended. Colour may bleed in case of natural dyes.


  • Missing yarn, slobs and uneven yarn contrasts are general phenomena in hand-woven products. This is a natural outcome and inherent characteristic of the hand-weaving procedure which makes the products all the more unique and beautiful. 


  • Imperfections in hand-printing may be noticed, and colour may fade or bleed due to the traditional dyeing and printing processes employed.

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