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Handwoven Grey Cotton Wool Shawl

Description of product

Handwoven Gray Cotton Wool Shawl
Colour - Gray

About Dokhna

Dokhna is a traditional wear of North Bengal. Womenwear this colourful weave as an elegant wrap from the chest to the ankle. Some dokhnas are plain while others have a rich tapestry of stories woven in a harmony of colours. Dokhna motifs are inspired by nature and are handwoven on loin looms.

About 150 weavers and artisans in Cooch Behar district are involved in hand-weaving Dokhna. The brand has reinterpreted this exquisite two-piece woven drape into sarees, dhotis and shawls.



  • Colour and Texture of the product may slightly vary than that in the photograph.
  • Dry Clean only, Cold Wash recommended. Colour may bleed in case of natural dyes.


  • Missing yarn, slobs and uneven yarn contrasts are general phenomena in hand-woven products. This is a natural outcome and inherent characteristic of the hand-weaving procedure which makes the products all the more unique and beautiful. 

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