Description of product

Tangail Zari Cotton - 7-Yard Saree

Fabric - Cotton Silk

Colour - Black

Type - Saree, Traditional


Seven Yard of Style

Women of various regions of India wear the saree in different styles; therefore the length of the saree also varies. Like the Kokku and Kari-Kothu Saree of Tamil Nadu. Likewise, there are other types os Sarees like the Guntur Saree, Kadamba Sareeand the Bangla Saree.

The usual length of sarees is 6-yards. Biswa Bangla has launched 7-yard Bangla Saree this Puja to help Bengal women drape the saree differently with more style and elegance.

The longer yardage will allow women to try out different styles-with the extra yardage giving the zing.

About Tangail Saree

Tangail sarees are hand-woven on cotton and silk with hand-worked buti, floral design or contemporary motifs. The main characteristic of Tangail saree is the extra weft buti, tiny motifs repeated all over the ground of the saree with the help of Jacquard loom. Cotton Tangail is very popular because it is light and excellent as a daily wear. About 1,000 weavers and 2,000 ancillary artisans, largely in Nadia and some in Bardhaman district are producing these colourful, easy-to-manage, uniquely elegant cotton sarees.




  • Colour and Texture of the product may slightly vary than that in the photograph.
  • Dry Clean only, Cold Wash recommended. Colour may bleed in case of natural dyes.


  • May have slight irregularity which is characteristic of any hand-woven, hand-embroidered or hand-crafted product. Connoisseurs worldwide love handmade products, more because of these small variations in a regular pattern as that adds to the unique charm of these products which is missing in machine-made products.


  • Missing yarn, slobs and uneven yarn contrasts are general phenomena in hand-woven products. This is a natural outcome and inherent characteristic of the hand-weaving procedure which makes the products all the more unique and beautiful. 

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